About Us

In 1997, Hospitality Marketing Concepts (HMC) created CLUBHOTEL, a global network of four and five-star hotels, providing common benefits and recognition to a worldwide membership base. HMC’s top-rated, four- and five-star partner hotels are invited to participate in CLUBHOTEL.By uniting many of HMC’s local club programs under a global and exclusive network, CLUBHOTEL gives HMC’s members access to reciprocal preferred room rates and discounted dining benefits at all participating hotels.

Hospitality Marketing Concepts (HMC) develops and manages highly valued affinity programs for more than 530 premier hotel and resort properties worldwide with a growing network of over 1 million members. HMC produces and administers affinity programs that are designed to provide participating hotels with:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased frequency of visits and patronage
  • Incremental revenue and profit in:
    • Rooms
    • Food & Beverage
    • Banquets & Meetings
    • Other Revenue Centers

HMC affinity programs have proven successful around the world and are welcomed by hoteliers because these programs:

  • Require no capital expenditure from the hotel
  • Complement existing loyalty programs
  • Build extensive local awareness without the use of hotel staff or resources
  • Generate and expand existing local customer base that withstands external market conditions and travel trends
  • Give marketing access to over 1 million international members through the CLUBHOTEL network
  • Establish a foundation upon which participating hotels can develop their own marketing efforts to further augment revenue and profit

Learn more at hmcloyalty.com.